Why MetaBall?

Because delicious and nutritious should come in pairs — even for people with allergies. That's why MetaBall® is FREE of the 8 most common allergens in our diets today.

There's No Comparison.

Half a Dozen Reasons to Dig In.

A mix of sunflower seeds, brown rice protein, and yellow pea protein delivers 10 grams of complete protein to build muscle, repair tissue, and foster health.

Our snacks are FREE of peanuts, tree nuts, soy, dairy, wheat, eggs, fish, shellfish, and sesame — so everyone can enjoy!

Crafted in a dedicated gluten-free facility, our product is certified gluten-free, for peace of mind even for people with Celiac disease.

Complex carbs, healthy fats, less sugar, and a low glycemic index help you power through your day without energy spikes or crashes.

We obsess over every single ingredient to bring you a wholesome, nourishing, and convenient plant-based snack.

No more half-eaten bars! Poppable pieces in a resealable pouch put you in charge, so you can fuel up whenever you like.

MetaBall® adheres to USA macronutrient recommendations, which is handy for health-conscious people on the go. Some of our biggest fans are serious athletes (but it's okay if you just need to fuel your day).

Welcome to balanced, bite-sized nutrition that's perfect for work, school, the gym, road trips, or anywhere the day may take you. Grab a bag and get going.

Ready to Have a Ball?

Check out our four tasty flavors!